Online Teacher Starter Kit

Application time: 30 minutes – several days

Business model: Master-apprentice (

We are training teachers as content creators. This is a side hustle.

Professional spoken fluency in English is imperative.

You will have two types of clients

• Type-A (students): You’ll be teaching these clients by using LessonSpeak materials.

• Type-B (teachers): You’ll be selling your materials to other online teachers.

Who this is best for: Tech-savvy teachers who want to create content and aren’t afraid of leveraging their online exposure.

Commitment needed:

  • 6 week process
  • 6 hrs/week homework
  • 2 calls/week personalized tutoring from a master

End Goals

  • Self reliant in 1 month
  • Cover costs in less than 10 weeks


  • Personalized training —- (priceless)
    • using the materials
    • making a successful landing page
    • communicating with clients
    • scheduling meetings
    • getting paid
  • Access all LessonSpeak materials —— (over $100 in content)
  • Posting rights to LessonSpeak subreddit —– (priceless exposure)

These questions are to help me better understand your needs and measure your:

  • Commitment
  • Current progress
  • Top skills

If you make it through the process, you will be featured on the LessonSpeak Instagram page.


Are you following the LessonSpeak Instagram page?

You will need to come prepared.
Please have Zoom installed.
Full terms and conditions can be found here.
Please check these to accept the following terms:

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