LessonSpeak™ Training

LessonSpeak™ is the turnkey solution to getting started as an online teacher. This streamlined process will get you started teaching English online, the easy way.

Teaching English online using the LessonSpeak™ way is the fastest way to get your side hustle up and running right away. Using this tried and tested method, you will quickly find new students and learn the core skills to becoming a successful freelance online English teacher.

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The course structure:

  1. Introduction
    • End result
    • Who am I
    • LessonSpeak™ & your niche
    • Skills you will master
    • Quick win
  2. Teaching Tools
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Email & digital professionalism
    • Landing page
    • Terms and conditions
    • Qualifying your clients
    • Linking your pages together
    • Scheduling
    • Payment processing
    • Keeping your tools handy
    • The client funnel
  3. Teaching English
    • The digital lesson space
    • Understanding your lesson materials
    • Setting up your work station
    • Lighting
    • Tips for teaching
    • The activities in a lesson
    • Getting a testimonial
    • Kaizen
  4. Ongoing Work
    • Communicating with your clients
    • Making the sale
    • Marketing yourself
    • Retaining clients
    • Creating lessons with LessonSpeak™
    • Making a lesson
    • Your success is my success
  5. Achieving the LessonSpeak™Certification
    • Scheduling your one-on-one meeting with an expert

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