Executive Summary

Year founded: 2019

Industry: Online Education

Seeking: Collaborators

Contact: main@LessonSpeak.com

Trello board link: https://trello.com/b/Xl2ahiXv/lessonspeak


A freelance online English teacher has enough obstacles to face and LessonSpeak™ is the solution to the most time-consuming task; preparing for lessons. 


A freelance teacher must find or create their own resources when teaching online and it is difficult to find the time and expertise to consistently provide a quality experience. Most teachers rely on the companies they are employed at to provide the curriculum, increasing their dependence on the company and diminishing their leverage on the highly competitive market. 

Unique Solution

LessonSpeak™ provides a semi-standardized curriculum system that lowers the preparation time down to close to 0 for the teacher while also providing top-notch quality and variety. 

Market potential/competition

Over 250,000 native English speakers work as English teachers and more than 100,000 new positions open up per year. 

Competition includes:

  1. Jobs
    • iTutorGroup
    • Other online teaching companies that teach adults in this way
  2. Resources for freelancers

Business Model

Funnel teachers-to-be into discounted or free training on Udemy in order to get them to teach in this way and become reliant on the curriculum style. 

Teachers who already see value in this style can purchase the curriculum on TeachersPayTeachers.com and start using it right away. 


Traction (Data year: 2020)