Executive Summary

LLC Incorporated: October 2020

Industry: Online Education

Seeking: Financial Mentor/Advisor

Contact: main@LessonSpeak.com

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LessonSpeak provides teachers tools that help deliver English speaking lessons using technology that combines the best of human & artificial intelligence.


A freelance teacher must find or create their own resources when teaching online and it is difficult to find the time and expertise to consistently provide a quality experience. Most teachers rely on the companies they are employed at to provide the curriculum, increasing their dependence on the company and diminishing their leverage on the highly competitive market. A new teacher does not know where to go to find resources to become a more successful online freelance teacher.

Unique Solution

LessonSpeak™ provides a curriculum system that lowers the preparation time down to close to 0 for the teacher, it provides top-notch quality lessons specifically created specifically for teaching online, and it allows the teacher to niche down and differentiate themselves. An AI-powered assistant teacher will provide additional functionality and tools.

Market potential/competition

Over 250,000 native English speakers currently work as English teachers and more than 100,000 new positions open up per year. 

Competition includes:

  1. Companies who hire teachers
    • iTutorGroup
    • Other online teaching companies that teach adults in this way
  2. Resources for freelance teachers

Customer Journey

LessonSpeak will use data gathered from the AI software to help create content and provide the users with unique functionality.



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