Relatability is key to being a great coach

When it comes to having fantastic conversations, it’s important to be able to relate to the person you’re talking to. Let’s start off by highlighting something that many people tend to overlook. When it comes to having fantastic conversations, it’s important to be able to relate to the person you’re talking to. Giving someone that […]

The best time management hack for English coaches

Use a calendar widget As an English coach, it’s essential to understand the importance of time management. This is important not only for your own success and efficiency, but also for the success of your students. Effective time management will help you attend your meetings on time and be in the appropriate mindset to properly […]

Your learners need to take more risks and embrace failure

As English coaches, one of our goals is to help our learners build confidence and improve their ability to speak English confidently. However, it’s natural for learners to feel anxious or intimidated when it comes to speaking in a new language. This can sometimes lead to a reluctance to take risks and try out new […]

On applying stable diffusion in the educational content creation business

Today, I just had what I thought would be my last meeting with my last student.  But it wasn’t my last. I offered my client another package of lessons and he gladly took it.  Coaching gives me purpose.  Going into today’s lesson, I thought I won’t have purpose for a while again.  Times have been […]

Beating geniuses by applying divergent thinking in the coaching world

A good coach will find good opportunities to give feedback at the right times. It’s far too easy to enter into certain routines with any type of repetitive work. Although coaching English varies widely, it’s possible to enter into certain mindsets. One of which is in how you communicate and give feedback. You might notice […]

Truth is, You’re Selling a Facade

Learners one thing, buyers are another. We need to appeal to the buyer then the learner. The reality is that regardless how well you are at sales, at least 80% of people you meet are 100% not going to pay you for any services. You will have to get used to hearing “no”. not necessarily […]

Business Partnerships are Key to Having a Strong Client Pipeline

Business partnerships can be the most lucrative source of clients, by far. Thing is, there is a lot of luck involved in establishing these kinds of deals. Establishing good partnerships are key to developing a strong client pipeline. In order to do that, a specific lifestyle combined with applying a wide range of skills must […]

Underselling Yourself is Costing You Money

A huge aspect of teaching/coaching involves being a salesperson. At first, I too felt skeptical of the techniques salespeople use. To overcome this, I’ve found that I just need to believe in what I’m selling.  When you sell a package of English lessons, you’re presenting a combo. You’re selling your client a product/service package deal. […]

These Conversation Worksheets Under Promise and Over Deliver

The beauty in teaching English online is that the teacher oftentimes takes on the role of more than just the teacher. Hello, Johnny here with LessonSpeak.  I’ve always looked up to my teachers throughout school because some of them were much more to me than just educators. With these conversation worksheets, you’ll be promising English […]

Premium English worksheets for English coaches – the surprising origin story

How it all started Johnny here with LessonSpeak. We create beautiful downloadable language education lessons for teachers and coaches.  It all started out of necessity but it became something so much more. Looking back, this project demonstrated a commitment to something that I wanted in my life forever… education. I’ve always been a content creator […]