Relatability is key to being a great coach

When it comes to having fantastic conversations, it’s important to be able to relate to the person you’re talking to.

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Let’s start off by highlighting something that many people tend to overlook. When it comes to having fantastic conversations, it’s important to be able to relate to the person you’re talking to. Giving someone that sensation of speaking to someone that they relate to is like performing a magic show. Like it or not, you’re required to put on a performance. You can try to fake it but we all know that the real magic is relatability that is authentic. The best way to pull this off is to become proficient in being able to hold a conversation about a wide range of topics. Pay particular attention to the part where I say “hold a conversation”. That is important because becoming proficient in a particular topic isn’t always easy. Most are, but some of the most interesting things to talk about aren’t easy to learn. Again, all you need to be able to do is hold a conversation about the topic. This is magical on several levels because just simply being able to hold a conversation on a range of topics will bring you insights from specialists who are more than happy to share their expertise with you if you catch them in the right mood. 

How does knowledge on a range of topics help someone better hold interesting conversations?

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Having knowledge on a variety of topics can help someone better hold interesting conversations because it will give them plenty of material to draw from and make the conversation more engaging. With a wide range of topics to discuss, the conversation can be kept interesting, as well as informative. This will also help the person to be able to add more to the conversation and ask more questions, which can show that they are genuinely interested in the conversation. Most importantly, having knowledge on a range of topics will help someone better connect with the other person, as they can relate to various topics and understand each other better. This can lead to more opportunities to delve deep into those truly thought-provoking discussions that we seek. 

What sort of lifestyle should a person have in order to build and maintain functional-level proficiency in a range of topics?

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The best way to build and maintain functional-level proficiency in a range of topics is to lead an organized and disciplined lifestyle. This can mean using an agenda, a calendar, or simply maintaining a particular routine. It comes down to setting aside time each day to engage in activities that are related to the topics you want to become more proficient in. It could be reading, studying, attending lectures, taking courses, or simply talking to someone knowledgeable in the subject. Make sure to take breaks between activities and practice what you learn regularly. Lastly, try to find ways to apply the knowledge you gain to real-world scenarios, and make sure to stay up to date on the latest developments in the topics you are interested in.

What sort of lifestyle should a conversation coach have in order to improve and maintain expert-level proficiency in speaking?

A conversation coach should lead a lifestyle that includes speaking, active listening and thinking critically. Regularly engaging in conversations with others helps build and maintain effective communication skills. A conversation coach should practice their craft in a variety of settings, such as in casual conversations, formal presentations, and even lecture-style dialogues. A conversation coach should always strive to be open-minded and flexible in their approach to speaking and listening.

What’s crazy is that in order to actually be the part of the best at this type of coaching, a coach has to lead a lifestyle that is very similar to that of an entrepreneur. Here are just a few examples of some obstacles that both entrepreneurs and conversation coaches face:

  1. Finding a niche and establishing yourself as an expert.
  2. Building a strong reputation and developing a solid client pipeline.
  3. Developing specialized knowledge and skills in your field.
  4. Knowing when to charge for services, and what price point to set.
  5. Investing in resources/tools that help you deliver value.
  6. Dedicating time and energy to create and maintain relationships with clients.
  7. Managing time effectively to balance work and other responsibilities.

Now, finding a solution to each of these takes time. Apart from the responsibility of understanding a range of topics, a coach also has to apply their range of knowledge in a range of ways. Of course, one can always work with a business partner or outsource some of these obstacles, which will let them focus on improving the aspects that need improvement or simply save time. 

One of the biggest obstacles is number 2 (Building a strong reputation and developing a solid client pipeline). This is one that I personally overcame by working closely and developing a strategic business partnership. It was not blind luck but a destiny that I manifested when I reached out to connect with someone over a coffee. This small interaction blossomed into a very fruitful business partnership that brought me countless benefits. 

When I started coaching, there weren’t many options to help me overcome many of these obstacles. Although I don’t have the answer to all of these, I absolutely have an answer for obstacle number 5 (Investing in resources/tools that help you deliver value). LessonSpeak curriculum is designed to grease the wheels of coaching and help take your services to the next level when it comes to delivering value. With fresh new topics always on the horizon, LessonSpeak helps you have amazing coaching sessions with your clients. 

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I hope you found this blog post useful and inspiring!

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