The best time management hack for English coaches

Use a calendar widget

english coach time management

As an English coach, it’s essential to understand the importance of time management.

This is important not only for your own success and efficiency, but also for the success of your students. Effective time management will help you attend your meetings on time and be in the appropriate mindset to properly do your tasks. The easiest hack I have for this is to have a calendar widget on the home screen of your phone.

time hack english coach

The most important aspect of time management for English coaches is to be aware of your time.

 I started out by using a simple agenda in a journal, but I ended up transitioning to Google calendar and that’s what I’ve been using for more than 8 years now. As a coach, it can be tough to develop a routine because your clients may want to meet in varying times throughout the days of the week. Your schedule may become irregular, and it is easy to forget about things when our schedules start becoming hectic like that. I maintain my google calendar, even if I don’t have busy seasons because it ultimately brings me a lot of awareness in how I spend time. 


time hack english coach

Another important aspect of time management for English coaches is to learn how to manage distractions. I personally find it important to work in the right environment. This is why I often go to coworking spaces and conduct my coaching sessions from the meetings rooms there rather than at home. Although I also do my coaching sessions at home, I enjoy doing them at the coworking space because I can easily put myself in a productive environment.

I hope you found this blog post useful and inspiring!

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