On applying stable diffusion in the educational content creation business

Today, I just had what I thought would be my last meeting with my last student. 

But it wasn’t my last. I offered my client another package of lessons and he gladly took it. 

Coaching gives me purpose. 

Going into today’s lesson, I thought I won’t have purpose for a while again. 

Times have been rough but I have faith that they’ll slowly improve. When times are tough, many industries experience what I like to call a “trimming of the weeds”. 

In other words, only the serious and committed coaches will remain. Before you know it, these committed coaches will reap the benefits first when the economy recovers. 

There’s no doubt that the coaching industry went through some hard times recently but that’s ok. Again, the serious coaches will stick it through. 

The sad thing about how I coach is that I have to turn down many of my students. There just isn’t enough quality curriculum out there that I can use in order for me to retain my clients indefinitely. My goal is to fix that. 

In order for me to be able to continue coaching a client indefinitely, I’ll need a reliable and strong pipeline of fresh curriculum. 

This is what I’d call a money problem. Unfortunately, no one is just willing to throw money at LessonSpeak because it is not a startup. At the end of the day, LessonSpeak is a community centered around content creation. 

The solution then is to optimize and leverage technology. Recently, something called stable diffusion has gained popularity and this technology has the potential to significantly impact LessonSpeak and the whole content creation business. 

GPT3 is what I’d call a precursor to stable diffusion in how it could impact LessonSpeak. 

So how will these technologies impact LessonSpeak? These technologies have the potential to bring coaches curriculum at a higher frequency and at a significantly lower price. Right now, LessonSpeak is expensive but with these technologies, more coaches will be able to use LessonSpeak curriculum.