Truth is, You’re Selling a Facade

Learners one thing, buyers are another. We need to appeal to the buyer then the learner.

The reality is that regardless how well you are at sales, at least 80% of people you meet are 100% not going to pay you for any services. You will have to get used to hearing “no”. not necessarily the words no but even unspoken “no’s”. That is simply because most people are just not in need of your services. It is important to understand the perspective of the buyer because they are who will become your learner. So… what does a buyer think they need?

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It all comes down to who is your target niche. A factory owner has to appeal to the buyers of whatever their factory sells. A coliving space owner has to appeal to their residents. A teacher needs to appeal to their learners… who also happens to be the buyer.

Here is where it gets a bit tricky. In this type of business. Your client goes through phases. Before becoming a learner, your client is a buyer. Since the buyer and the learner happen to be the same person, the buyer will probably take priority. Sometimes buyers and learners don’t understand exactly eye to eye. Because of the differences in perspective, appealing to the right persona at the right time is key to selling a package of lessons. Your client is first a buyer before they are a learner so LessonSpeak helps provide a facade that appeals to the buyer first but really is meant to deliver value to the learner. In sales, it’s important to get past the gatekeeper and offer the product or service to the decision maker. These communication worksheets help you distinguish between the learner and the buyer in order to understand who is the gatekeeper and who is the decision maker. 

To a certain extent, there is a “build it and they will come” aspect to it because there’s something about people wanting faster horses but instead really wanting cars. 

Convert the learner from gatekeeper to supporter.

With LessonSpeak lessons, you’re presenting your learners a facade and you won’t even feel bad about it.

An essential part of sales involves appealing to the buyer. A salesperson has no margin for error so you can bet that they’ll do this well. LessonSpeak is packaged in such a way that buyers see value in the product & service combo that you’re offering while also helping you deliver value to the learner afterwords. With these adult conversation activities, you will quickly overcome the gatekeeper objection and sell a package to increase your rates. 

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A coach sells not only themselves, but also the product... similar to how a barista serves coffee.

communication worksheets

In this case, the product is made to serve the practical purpose of improving their client’s English, while also made to look appealing to the buyer. What the client experiences with LessonSpeak is a flip flopping of personas. When a potential client signs up for a trial lesson, you’re putting the buyer in the back seat while the learner gets to sit in the front for a while. After a learner admires the beauty that is a conversation lesson, they will want it back when it’s gone. Once the buyer takes the steering wheel again, the learner is going to be quite insistent and pushy with the buyer. The learner will nag and beg for the buyer to bring back what they once had. With LessonSpeak, you will give your learner a taste of what they could have so that they can help you appeal to the decision-maker, the buyer. 

In sales, it is super important to progress past the gate keeper in order to make the sale. Don’t let the learner be the gatekeeper. By appealing to potential clients in this way, LessonSpeak helps convert the learner from gatekeeper to supporter. 

I hope you found this blog post useful and inspiring!

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