Business partnerships can be the most lucrative source of clients, by far.

Thing is, there is a lot of luck involved in establishing these kinds of deals. Establishing good partnerships are key to developing a strong client pipeline. In order to do that, a specific lifestyle combined with applying a wide range of skills must be exercised. What this means essentially is prioritizing networking more. This could mean reaching out to an old colleague or reaching out to a new one. This could mean getting involved in a social club or working at a co-working space. 

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When it comes to developing partnerships, luck can have a multiplying effect which results in significantly better results. After all, you can only score the shots you take. 

In order to consistently pull this off, a very specific mindset should be adopted in order to be able to capitalize on these opportunities. You’re selling yourself. 

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At this point, it is to the interest of the teacher to adopt the persona of the entrepreneur. This helps overcome the perceived barrier that teachers aren’t salespeople. The great thing here is that you can switch back and forth depending on who you’re talking to and what you’re trying to sell. It’s like wearing a hat and simply switching them out for the proper occasion.

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Context switching can be difficult as is mindset switching. Despite these difficulties, I’ve found that a good approach is to adapt. In general, humans have always had a comparative advantage when it came to adapting so that’s what we have to do. As our environment changes, we need to adapt the proper persona. Practicing these techniques is vital to future success as you’ll be switching mindsets in other ways in the future.

I hope you found this blog post useful and inspiring!

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