Underselling Yourself is Costing You Money

A huge aspect of teaching/coaching involves being a salesperson.

At first, I too felt skeptical of the techniques salespeople use. To overcome this, I’ve found that I just need to believe in what I’m selling. 

When you sell a package of English lessons, you’re presenting a combo. You’re selling your client a product/service package deal. You, the teacher, are part of this package deal so you are essentially selling yourself whether you like it or not. 

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When I present this concept to my learners, many initially think it’s something sexual but it’s not. Selling yourself simply means being likeable, charismatic, and energetic. Being an introvert or an extrovert has no impact because both personality types will find times when they can actually perform. I say perform because that’s also part of teaching/coaching… performing. You’re playing the part of the salesperson, then the teacher/coach. 

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Our comparative advantage as humans has always been in the ability to adapt. In this regard, we must adapt by playing the role that we need to play to achieve our goals. Thing is, we have to be able to do both at a high level at times of good mental acuity because we need to frequently switch back and forth. This highlights the importance of performance level proficiency among diverse fields and how they can combine into unique results.

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Many teachers possess this high-level skill, but they struggle in overcoming other obstacles when it comes to raising their rates.


Emphasizing again the importance of cross-discipline application, a teacher/coach must master a combination of good business acumen with a lifestyle that allows for the execution of said tasks to actually get results. This perspective is more in line with the title of entrepreneur. A teacher wears many hats but most people don’t see that because a lot is going on under the hood and what they’re seeing is the end result.


As a salesperson, you need to truly believe in what you’re providing.

Teachers/coaches have the unique opportunity to get testimonials from their clients, in great and exciting ways. One particular solution is to record a video testimonial where you ask a few questions to a client that had good results. These video testimonials are a very authentic approach to demonstrating the value that many people are looking for. These are also an ultimate test to your ability to deliver results. If a client is willing to say good things then you’ve done a great job. 

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Doing these are a great way of putting some fire under your ass in order to get more results.

Of course, the process of asking for a testimonial and actually executing on it are difficult to do. This is a challenge to many people so teachers who can actually execute on this task are inherently more qualified. Demonstrating the ability to get video testimonials are a great way of demonstrating value to new potential clients. Of course, this all goes into part of a larger overarching strategy in relation to your online presence.

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I hope you found this blog post useful and inspiring!

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