These Conversation Worksheets Under Promise and Over Deliver

The beauty in teaching English online is that the teacher oftentimes takes on the role of more than just the teacher.

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Hello, Johnny here with LessonSpeak. 

Teaching English Language for a living

I’ve always looked up to my teachers throughout school because some of them were much more to me than just educators. With these conversation worksheets, you’ll be promising English lessons but instead what you’ll be delivering are premium coaching services. At first glance, LessonSpeak curriculum looks like it helps learners better express themselves. Instead, what it really does is force learners to activate their conscious brain and actually think about more than just grammar.

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Many learners simply get too caught up with grammar.

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When this happens, the learner stutters and pauses, which leads to awkward conversation flow. With LessonSpeak curriculum, you’re simulating what it’s like to partake in a smooth conversation. The questions are stimulating, thought provoking, and open ended. Ultimately, LessonSpeak is one big role play exercise meant to demonstrate to a learner what an interesting conversation can truly be like. Let’s take a moment to think about it from the perspective of a learner. 

The learner wants to have deep discussions but struggles with finding someone to have them with.

Even if a learner has time, their conversation partner must be well versed in the art of conversation while also being knowledgeable on the subject at hand. Assuming the stars align, a learner might feel frustration due to their lack of confidence. They may think that they’re not interesting enough, or that they speak too slowly, or that they make too many mistakes. Chances are, the learner hasn’t had the opportunity to engage in deep discussions frequently enough in recent times. Without consistent exposure to opportunities to speak, a learner will lose their English speaking proficiency. So when it comes to teaching, you’re providing your learners opportunities to speak and engage in discussions on topics that they simply don’t ever have the chance to do. More often than not, my learners tell me that they’ve never heard of the concepts we discuss in our lessons. Concepts that exist even in their native tongue. 

New and interesting concepts are key to delivering good English services.

Not only does it provide an enjoyable experience to the learner, but the teacher will have opportunities to discover interesting perspectives from their student. The best thing about LessonSpeak is that it minimizes the effort required to keep a conversation going. We all know what it’s like to be in a conversation and suddenly it comes to an awkward and abrupt pause. With these premium conversation pdfs, you won’t have to worry about the next question you need to ask but instead you can focus on actually listening to your learner and responding in relation to what they are saying. Remember, you’re leading by example and a great conversationalist doesn’t just talk but they listen. 

Great conversationalists listen intently to their conversation partners because we as humans have a deep desire to be heard.

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Maybe a learner doesn’t feel like they’re being heard due to their level in English. With LessonSpeak, you’re giving the learners opportunities to discover the various nuances of a great conversation. You’re drip feeding your learners the experiences of great conversations and what you’re actually doing is under promising English lessons and over delivering premium conversation coaching services. 

I hope you found this blog post useful and inspiring!

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