Premium English Worksheets are Superior to TEFL Certifications in Today’s Teaching Environment

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Two big recent-ish events rocked this industry. We all know of the covid-19 pandemic but what was more unexpected was the Chinese market essentially getting deleted. I’m not going to go into the details but this was overall bad for teachers. 

Personally, I was already teaching as an independent teacher before the Chinese market got deleted so I wasn’t affected too much. From what I’ve seen, most teachers were employed by Chinese companies and essentially lost their jobs. 

Thing is, teaching like that is like swimming up a waterfall.

You’re trading lots of time for money and the rate that these teachers are willing to do it seriously blows my mind. 

People are approaching work with the wrong mindset. Chances are, these are people with a scarcity mindset. These people need money desperately so their decisions are clouded by this desperation. 

Sharpen the saw: reinvest in yourself as a teacher and increase your earning potential

Problem is, teachers with the scarcity mindset will not have the spare resources to reinvest in themselves. They will not have the spare time to sit down and actually carry out the tasks that need to be done. These are teachers who are teaching for the wrong reasons and unfortunately they will likely remain in this stage of their career until the day they die. That’s because getting out of this loop requires some uncomfortable changes, which people don’t usually like to do. 

If this is not the case for you then you’re in luck! You’re probably going to put in the time and effort to actually take action both in short and long term goals. Teaching in the premium market is only really sustainable in the long term. This means that you’ve got to be certain that teaching is what you want to do for a very long time. The reason I teach in the premium market is because it is sustainable and gives me the freedom to work on other projects, like this content. I teach less than 4 hours of lessons per day and teaching in the premium market allows me to make sure that those 4 hours bring me the biggest hourly rate.