Your progression towards freelance teaching

It’s a pattern that you’ll see time and time again. It’s natural for some people to progress through this industry in such a way. 

  1. Where do I find a job?
  2. Where can I have clients come to me?
  3. Where do I find quality clients?
  4. How can I make money passively in this industry?

There is indeed a strategy that you can put to use that’ll get the ball rolling and you’ll greatly benefit long-term. You’ve got to seriously ask yourself, do you want to continue teaching long-term? Taking the next step in this industry involves transitioning and making some changes. After wading through some bushes, your journey to specialization in this industry can go something like this. 

  1. Where do I find a job?

From the perspective of a teacher-to-be, many settle with being employed at a company and working full time. This is not sustainable long term. Usually, this employment becomes your main source of income. This is still a good step to take because it will give you more experience in teaching and the start-up cost can be relatively low. 

2. Where can I have clients come to me?

Some teachers move on to the next natural step in their teaching career, a big one in regard to becoming a freelance teacher. The biggest sites for having clients come to you are iTalki and Preply. You list yourself on these sites and clients browse a huge list of teachers before scheduling a meeting with you. Although this is a great option for entry-level teachers, it should only be considered a stepping stone to the next step. The startup cost of getting to this stage is only a bit higher than the previous step. 

3. Where do I find quality clients?

Although marketplace websites can help you find clients, your earning potential is severely limited there. In order to start earning enough for this job to be worth it, you’ve got to find clients elsewhere. 

An online presence is absolutely essential here. 

Once you’ve established a good online presence, clients will start coming to you. You can increase this rate by growing your online influence. You’ll take them through a customer journey and you will leverage some sales skills to convert them into highly profitable clients. The startup cost of getting to this stage requires some resources. Choosing to get here will require taking a commitment. Properly pulling this off will require exercising a wider range of skills at high proficiency. 

4. How can I make money passively in this industry?

As a sole contributor, the best route may be to create content. LessonSpeak creates content for teachers in the form of lesson curriculum. If you have the resources and know-how, you may be able to leverage specialization in another field to help bring more passive income. For example, making some software that will help teachers earn more. The start up cost to this varies immensely but it is still more than the previous step. 

Have you been asking yourself these questions as well? What are your next goals in relation to teaching? We would love to hear from you! Drop a comment with your thoughts.

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